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 They Call me Magnus

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They Call me Magnus Empty
PostSubject: They Call me Magnus   They Call me Magnus EmptyWed Sep 26, 2012 5:38 pm

Greetings everyone, I am Magnus. I created this forum for those of us who have been on forums where you couldn't really let loose and role play the way you designed your characters to. Of course we do have some rules which you are required to read and follow, but I am sure you will find that I am not asking too much of you. My partner in creating this site is lissy lishious and she is an Admin. We met a while back before Star Wars the Old republic came out and I was a member of her guild. As for myself I like to role play all kinds of things from action packed kick ass stories to all out blood and gore. You will find that I am a pretty laid back kind of guy so feel free to drop me a PM any time, I have an open door policy. Now that you have met me please feel free to introduce yourself by creating your own personal thread topic.

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They Call me Magnus
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